ISRI® 6860/875

Experience the safety and comfort of the ISRI 6860/875. Advanced design incorporating third generation suspension technology ensures maximum safety and comfort. Efficient operating weight range of 50 to 150kg capacity, integrated 3-point seat belt, integrated head restraint, adjustable verticle shock absorber, integrated pneumatic system (IPS) dual stage air lumbar with lateral support and anatomically shaped cushion and backrest foams are just some of the standard features in the ISRI 6860/875. ISRI seats supporting drivers for over fifty years. ISRI 6860/875 supporting you in safety and comfort.

Technical Data
  • Integrated 3-point seat belt.
  • Self levelling air suspension with a weight range of 50 to 150kg.
  • Air height adjustment of 100mm.
  • Adjustable verticle shock absorber.
  • Integrated Pneumatic System (IPS) dual stage air lumbar with lateral support.
  • Suspension quick release.
  • Horizontal adjustment of 230mm.
  • Seat tilt adjustment.
  • Seat cushion adjustment.
  • High backrest with integrated head restraint.
  • Backrest adjustment.
  • Shoulder adjustment.
  • Available in left hand and right hand control
  • Trimmed in breathable Charcoal Cloth.

  • Mounting boxes.
  • Armrests.
  • Hardware and air fittings.

Additional Information

  • Complies to Australian Design Rule 4 - Seat Belts.
  • Complies to Australian Design Rule 5 - Anchorages for Seat Belts.





If a seat with integrated 3-point seat belt is proposed to be fitted to a vehicle which does not have Australian Design Rule 5 certification for this type of seat and seat belt configuration, engineering advice should be first obtained from a person qualified to certify that the proposed installation will conform with all relevant Australian Design Rules applicable to the vehicle type. Failure to ensure that the installation conforms to the applicable Australia Design Rules may result in failure of the seat mounting points in the vehicle in an accident and consequent possible serious injury to the driver.