ISRI® 6500/515

The 6500/515 series is a versatile seat ideal for most commercial vehicles where space is of a premium. Proven quality and advanced technologies ensures trouble free operation. Automatic self leveling air suspension technology. The seat cushion and backrest foams are anatomically designed for maximum comfort. Dual chamber air lumbar support supplied as standard. All controls are ergonomically positioned for ease of use.

Technical Data
  • 180mm, Fore and Aft slide adjustment.
  • Weight adjustment, 50 to 130 kg.
  • Stroke, 80mm.
  • 65 mm height and slope adjustment.
  • Two seat belt fixing points, corresponding to latest EC guidelines.
  • Backrest adjustments, in fine increments.
  • Standard seat with black cord trim and Pneumatic lumbar support.

  • Armrests.
  • Head restraint.
  • Lap seat belt for selected models.

Additional Information
  • All metal parts are protected against corrosion to meet the quality regulations of the motor industry.
  • Technical changes reserved.
  • Issued 9/97. Please pay attention to installation guidelines of vehicle manufactures.


If a seat with integrated 3-point seat belt is proposed to be fitted to a vehicle which does not have Australian Design Rule 5 certification for this type of seat and seat belt configuration, engineering advice should be first obtained from a person qualified to certify that the proposed installation will conform with all relevant Australian Design Rules applicable to the vehicle type. Failure to ensure that the installation conforms to the applicable Australia Design Rules may result in failure of the seat mounting points in the vehicle in an accident and consequent possible serious injury to the driver.